Residential interior designers and bathroom design ideas

Residential interior designers in Dubai are basically designers who form the structure, designs and embellishes the residential spaces.

How to hire residential interior designers?

Following are ways to hire residential interior designers.

  • Ask

Ask your friends or people working with you. They might have had hired residential interior designers. If they have hired, ask about the services and prices.

  • Prices

Residential interior designers should charge affordable prices so even the people having less salary would be able to afford them.

  • Creativity

This is a must thing. Always go for an interior designer that is creative so he can come up with new and unique ideas for different projects.

The best ideas for bathroom design Dubai

Following are the ideas for bathroom design that you must follow:

  • Shower curtain

A door made up of glass takes a lot of space because it opens and closes in an in and out manner. This is why shower curtains are preferred as they don’t take much space because it can be moved to and fro.

  • Sinks

You usually sinks at the center but now a days sinks at the corner side are built up as this why space is saved and that particular space could be used for other purposes.

  • Counter

You must have a counter in your bathroom, of course but it might be small. Make the counter big as then you would be able to put a number of products that you need in your bathroom.

  • Mirror

Don’t place a mirror of small size in your bathroom. Have a large mirror because there are times when you get ready in the bathroom. If you have a large mirror, you would be able to get ready easily and properly.

  • Paint

Don’t have a number of paints in the bathroom as it would look really bizarre and would also make the bathroom look smaller. Go for one paint or two. It would be enough and will give a nice look to the bathroom.

This was all about the bathroom design ideas. I hope everything is clear to you and you will get a nice bathroom designed.