The importance of brand experiences

Gone are the days when brand simply meant an advertising logo or slogan. In the world of modern marketing today, it is much more than just a logo; it closely resembles a corporate personality. This personality must be genial and captivating to build relationships and encourage purchasing. To promote this personality not only clever advertising is needed but the use of brand experiences.

Brand experiences, in many instances refer to a specific event, where a company choses to engage with the public directly. These events entail anything from offering consumers to try a new product to having live concert as part of a show. These events can be highly successful serving to be an excellent way to put a face on a company and begin espousal amongst the public.

Brand experiences also include the way you engage with customers at every level and not just when you are focused on engagement. Take the example of Costa Coffee, entering their shops is associated with the smell of coffee and the welcoming friendly staff. All this is part of their brand experience. Similarly, The Virgin store has its own stylish and enticing presentation.

What these examples depict is that the face that is presented to the customer, the products and the services provided all form part of the brand and should be carefully planned and carried out to achieve advocacy amongst the public.

For making your brand a success, there are a number of considerations you should make:

• Firstly consider about how your brand is going to trigger public emotions. It must feel like a personality, who generally needs to be friendly, sparking positive connotations from the first meet up.

• Consider what your competitors are doing and offer something different. Find a personality and angle which will set you and your products and services apart.

• Always make utmost effort to provide excellent customer service. A bad service will ruin your reputation and subsequently your brand will suffer.

• Try harder and build a good reputation, resolve issues promptly, market successful products and offer unique benefits to consumers for using your product over others in your marketplace.

It is advisable to hire one of the best branding agency in Dubai to handle your brand strategy and highlight the importance of giving your customers something unique and different ensuring your image to be engaging and likeable.