Different types of cakes

Different types of cakes

Cakes are the dessert which people mostly buy when they are happy or they want to celebrate something. Back then people used to buy cake only on events for the guests but now the masters of cake has introduced such creative ideas for making a cake that whenever you visit the bakery you can’t resist yourself from buying one. Everyone’s taste is different when choosing a cake. Some people prefer rich chocolate cakes and some go for light tea cakes. Here are some types of cakes you can buy when you visit the bakery.

Yellow Butter Cake

It’s a kind of cake we usually buy to celebrate birthdays. It’s a yellow cake covered with chocolate icing and there are decorating materials like sprinkles and balls to decorate the cake. Butter and sugar are creamed together and other wet and dry materials are mixed together to make this cake. You can easily opt for cake delivery in Sharjah for this cake.

Pound Cake

It’s known as pound cake because its main ingredients are flour, butter and sugar. Signature recipes have vanilla extract to give flavor to the cake. It’s so fascinating to see how this cake made from very basic item turns into a great one.

Carrot cake

There are people out there who likes carrot or some are those who doesn’t like it all. Though it has great advantages regarding our skin and eyes but we still choose not to eat it. It’s a great idea for mothers to make a carrot cake and serve it to their kids as kids don’t deny eating the cakes. Oil is used as the main fat. It’s covered with cream cheese frosting and is best for birthday cake delivery in Dubai.

Upside down cake

It is made from pineapple but any fruit can be used to make this cake. The layer of fruit is spread at them bottom of the pan and then we pour the batter of the cake. When it is baked, it comes out in a way that the fruit layer is at the top of cake.

Devil’s Food Cake

This cake is very rich as it is frosted by butter cream or chocolate frosting and the addition of cocoa powder makes it devilish.