LED signs have proven to increase business

LED signs have proven to increase business

LED sign is the only kind of signage proven to increase business. According to marketing studies only 1 in 10 people read static signs, while 9 in 10 people attempt to read an electronic message center or LED scrolling sign.

People are naturally drawn to bright flashing lights and vivid colors. Using LED signs to entice potential customers to read your message, offer or sale is quite beneficial. Moreover, you can easily change your message as often as you need. If you are considering adopting LED signage Dubai, let’s read some facts about them.

  • Quality LED signage has proved to increase business at least by 15% and as much as 115% in several studies now.
  • Programmable LED signs get more attention and achievement for businesses that deploy quality LED over neon signs.
  • LED signs serve to be a green technology. Even larger LED signs consume less power than a single 80w light bulb. LED signs contain no toxic gases and are recyclable.
  • LED signs are a low cost method of advertising that enable businesses to support, replace, or even eliminate other forms of costly advertising.

LED signs being a powerful kind of advertising are increasing profits for businesses everywhere. However, all LED signs are not created equal and you need to be sure of these three key quality requirements:

1) Size: Get the biggest sign that can fit your space if you can afford. Size definitely matters as it’s all about visibility and readability. For effective window display, a character or letter height of at least 10-12 inches is optimal. As an estimate, the best would be a 40 inch wide sign with a 15 inch height as it would be clearly readable, than one with a 60 inch width with a height of only 8 or 10 inches.

2) Brightness: Get the brightest LED sign available as the sign should be clearly seen and legible in full sunlight.

3) Features: Choose an LED sign with plenty of effects and graphics for optimum results. The more the graphics choices available, the more likely there will be graphics specifically matching your business niche. In addition, frequently changing the effects will not make the sign dull and worn-out.

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