Pointers for success in IELTS test

Pointers for success in IELTS test

Okay, so you want to succeed in your IELTS test? Of course, you want to. Here are some pointers for success in IELTS test. We won’t say that an IELTS test is easy but make sure you are prepared well otherwise there are a lot of chances that you might lose marks. Avoid such situations and focus on your test.

Pointers for reading IELTS test

  1. There are certain instructions given on the paper, make sure to read those instructions with concentration.
  2. There is a restriction on the number of words in which you have to give answer, make sure you know that.
  3. If suppose, you don’t know the answer to any question, move to the next question immediately. It is not wise to spend time on something you don’t know.
  4. Make sure to check your watch from time to time.
  5. Don’t write the answers on the question sheet. You would only be wasting time.
  6. Be accurate, use proper grammar and correct spellings.
  7. Revise your answers before submitting them.

Pointers for writing IELTS test

  1. You should set a time for every task. Make sure to complete task one in almost twenty minutes and to complete the second task in around forty minutes.
  2. The word limit for first task should be more than one fifty words and more than two fifty words for the second task.
  3. Don’t waste your time by counting the word’s numbers rather calculate it by counting the lines.
  4. You can jot down your ideas for the essay on the question sheet. The examiner won’t even have a look because he is only interested in your essay.
  5. Make sure the work you are doing is properly organized into paragraphs.
  6. Use correct spellings.
  7. The information you are using should be relevant and concentrated. The more is not always the merrier.
  8. Write your answers in active voice.
  9. If your answer sheet gets finished, get another one quickly.
  10. Revise your answers before submitting them.

Make sure you understand these pointers completely if you really want to succeed in IELTS test.

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