Snoring – reasons and treatments

Snoring – reasons and treatments

You are not the only one who snores. There are a number of people along with you who snore. Snoring usually occurs when the flow of air takes place past your throat at the time you breathe while you are sleeping. Due to this the tissues gets relaxed in your throat and they start vibrating. This causes jarring, and sounds of snoring.

Snoring bothers a lot but you are lucky if you are not getting bothered by it. But, you still shouldn’t take snoring as something fun. In most cases, snoring is usually because of sever conditions of health commonly comprising of.

  1. Overweight
  2. Deprivation of sleep
  3. Apnea of sleep
  4. Problems with the formation of a person’s mouth, throat or nose.

What are the treatments to prevent snoring?

Following are the most widely used treatments to prevent snoring.

Weight loss: It is a lot of possibility that you are snoring because you are overweight. So, the first treatment you should start is to lose your weight. This will be helpful in lessening the quantity of tissue present in your throat that is most probably why you are snoring. Losing weight is not at all easy but you can do so by lessening the intake of your total calorie. You should eat food in small amounts and make sure the food is healthy. Also, don’t forget to exercise on daily basis even if you have had oral cancer treatment.

Alcohol: If you are someone who consumes alcohol daily then in order to prevent snoring, it is better not to take alcohol two to three hours before you go to sleep. If you take alcohol, the muscle of your throat gets relaxed which is why you snore.

Sleep: One of the main causes of snoring is you are not getting adequate sleep. So, if you actually want to prevent snoring, it is recommended that you take adequate sleep for almost 7 to 8 hours.

Position: The position of your sleep should be on your side. This is because this way the flow of air becomes easy and it either lessens or completely prevents your snoring.

Even after you try these treatments and still the problem of snoring continues, it is highly recommended that you go to a Snoring Specialist.